What is a standing desk and why you should have one?

Have you ever heard of standing desks? If no, let us give you some more information about them.

A standing desk (or so-called stand-up desk) is a desk designed for reading, writing or working on a computer while standing up.  It has been made in different variations, models and styles.

All desks which allow you to work standing are categorized as standing desks. They can be either with fixed height (they don`t move and are always high) or height adjustable. The first have the disadvantage that you cannot use them seated. It is very important to change your position from seated to standing and the opposite, because if you don`t do that some health problems (such as varicose veins) may appear.

Most seated desks we are used to in our daily lives have a fixed height. What makes height adjustable standing desks unique is the fact that their height is easily adjustable from 65 to 130 cm. The main reason is that the desk fits the height of its personal user either in seated or standing position.

There a few characteristics which define if a certain standing desk is good enough:


  • Height range – the bigger the range is, the bigger the ergonomics is (this is what makes it suitable for most people no matter how tall they are).
  • Low noise level – It is really important especially for office spaces.
  • Stability – This is one of the problems that occur when we talk about this type of desks. The good ones are with descent stability even in highest position.
  • Load-carrying capacity – Electric desks are the best ones when we talk about load-carrying capacity. You can set 3, 4 or even 5 monitors and it won`t be a problem.
  • Warranty – A good quality warranty for this type of desks is at least 4 years. It shows the quality of production.


After many researches, scientists have concluded that standing desks have various benefits for human`s health and productivity which makes them a great choice for your office. Here are some of them:

  • Standing desks lower the risk of weight gain.

Weight gain is the result of taking in more calories than you actually burn. Of course, if your calorie intake is lower than the quantity of what you burn – you lose weight.

Despite exercise is the most effective way to burn calories quickly, it`s not enough if you are used to spend your entire working day sitting on a chair. In fact, when compared to an afternoon of sedentary work, an equal amount of time spent standing has been calculated to burn about 160-170 extra calories (which makes almost 1000 calories per week!) In long terms, it can reflect on your weight loss without doing any additional exercises.

  • Being in a standing position can lower the risk of heart disease and lowers the blood sugar levels

Scientists conclude that even an hour spent of intense exercise won`t be able to make up for the negative effects of an entire day spent sitting. What studies show is that using a stand-up desk at work decreases the blood sugar levels (especially after lunch). This leads to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Another benefit of being in a standing position is that it`s very helpful for blood circulation.

  • Standing desks reduce back pain

Most people who work in an office and spend between 8 and 12 hours sitting end up complaining from back pain. Several researches conclude that people who start using standing desks have noticed an improvement in lower back pain but also in neck pain within a 2-week period.

  • Standing desks boost energy and help improving good mood

About 87% of the people who started using standing desks report being less stressed and more energetic since they have started using them. After returning to their old desks, moods reverted to their original levels.

  • Standing desks help in boosting productivity

Standing desks are concerned to hinder daily tasks, such as typing or filling-up paper documents. What researches have concluded is that standing has no impact on characters typed per minute or typing errors. In fact, having in mind that being in a standing position boosts human`s mood and energy, this automatically leads to improving one`s productivity.

Another fact proving stand-up desks increase productivity is that standing keeps human`s blood flowing and his mind more alert. It’s also harder to get sleepy at your desk if you’re standing instead of sitting. The reason is simple -you are constantly aware of your body.

  • Improves office communication

Sitting at a desk leads to missed opportunities to talk with colleagues or take notice of something important happening around. Standing allowes more chances to talk with co-workers as they pass by, at eye level, even if only for a few extra minutes. This actually improves communication because, instead of sending someone an email, you could look across a few desks and talk for a moment.

  • Standing desks allow people to be ‘ready for action’

When being sedentary, it can take a few moments to get away from your desk in case of an emergency or if you just realized you’re late for a meeting. Standing at your desk makes things much easier and allows you to react quickly.

  • Standing desks reduce cancer risk

Lack of physical activity appears to be the main reason for breast cancer and colon cancer. There is not a definitive answer why sitting leads to these types of cancer but it’s possible that it increases in C-reactive protein, found in people who sit for long periods of time.

  • Standing desks help you live longer

Many studies have shown the connection between sedentary time and the risk of dying younger. In fact, scientists found those who sit the most are at a 49% greater risk of dying early than those who sit the least. So, the conclusion is that the more you move the healthier you will be and therefore you will live longer.

You see how many the benefits about using standing desks are. Don`t you think it is high time you start using them as well?




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What is a standing desk and why you should have one?

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