Healthy office environment...

UberDesk is a height adjustable electric desk, which allows working while standing and defeats the sitting desease.



Healthy office environment... Healthy office environment... Healthy office environment...
UberDesk <strong>benefits</strong>

UberDesk benefits

Using an UberDesk leads to amazing results. You will experience all the standing desk benefits: health improvement, major deseases risk reduction, weight loss, mood and energy levels improvement, better posture, improved productivity, prolonged life and many more...

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for one year

Kcal -20150

Kg -3.15

Life(+days) ++5

Suitable for everyone


Across Europe

UberDesk delivers to you everywhere across Europe!

4-year warranty

We believe in the quality of our products. Thus every ergonomic desk comes with a strong 4-year warranty.

strong warranty

4-year <i>warranty</i>

European engineering

The components of every height adjustable desk UberDesk are а result of advanced European engineering and are products of highly reputable manufacturers.

50 000 configurations

UberDesk knows that every client has unique taste. Thus every model office desk offered has more than 50 000 configurations. For customers with a lot special requirements custom solutions are offered.

Quantity discounts

The larger the quantity, the less the product price. UberDesk will make a discount for you depending on the size of the order.


We value every customer’s time thus every UberDesk is almost completely assembled before shipping FREE of charge. We take care of the cable management, most of the fastening and which makes it easier to finish the assembling process.

UberDesk is the best choice...

Various engineering solutions

Various engineering solutions

UberDesk has a team of engineers experienced in R&D and manufacturing. You will be provided with proffesional expertise for your requirements.

The best manufacutres of components

The best manufacutres of components

High quality is our drive. Every component is manufactured by the best European companies.

VIP treatment

VIP treatment

UberDesk values you. You are very important to us and we will make sure you are satisfied with the provided survice.